Serengeti Lionesses

Dick van Heerde

TitleSerengeti Lionesses
ArtistDick van Heerde
Paper Size (W x H)38 x 23 ins
Edition Size395
Price £160.00 Excluding VAT

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Dick van Heerde was inspired to paint Serengeti Lionesses during a visit to Tanzania in March 2000. In particular, the painting depicts an area of the Serengeti National Park near to the Naabi Hills. The Serengeti is probably the best-known wildlife sanctuary in the world. Extending from the Kenyan border almost to Lake Victoria, Tanzaniaƕs Serengeti National Park covers almost 15000 square kilometers and provides a protected environment for over three million large mammals. This painting of Dick van Heere depicts a team of lionesses at the start of a hunt. Lioness undertake most of the hunting and secure around 80% of the food eaten by the pride.

Each print is hand signed by the artist and hand numbered.

About the Artist

Dick van Heerde

Born in Venlo, in The Netherlands, in 1954, Dick Van Heerde began painting in oil on canvas at the age of ten. After school, he began to learn the art of restoring paintings dating from the seventeenth century. He completed his apprenticeship in three and a half years, after which he worked for several years as a self-employed restorer of paintings.

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