Complimentary Harmonies

Marsha Hammel

TitleComplimentary Harmonies
ArtistMarsha Hammel
Paper Size (W x H)42 x 31 ins
Edition Size50
Price £1,650.00 Excluding VAT

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Asymmetry and contrasts will create complimentary forms and tones when presented in a balanced composition resulting in pleasing harmonies.
This painting was created with these ideas in mind. Contrasting elements; one large figure with multiple small figures, hot yellows and cool blues, males and females, etc., balance each other in rhythmic positive and negative spaces to create the atmosphere of a lively Big Band performance.
Use of colours and balanced composition bring out the painting’s atmosphere and together with balanced composition, highlights the flowing harmonious experience. The painting offers the viewer a balanced harmony of lines and colour with the ambiance of the setting.

Each print is hand numbered and accompanied by a certificate signed by the artist. The certificate is numbered to match the print.

About the Artist

Marsha Hammel

Born in Florida in 1949, Marsha Hammel has lived in Panama, Italy, Germany, and Canada. She has travelled the United States extensively, spending time in the west and north-east as well as in the Sunbelt cities of Richmond and New Orleans.

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