The Sun-Worshippers

Paul Greenwood

TitleThe Sun-Worshippers
ArtistPaul Greenwood
Paper Size (W x H)26 x 19 ins
Edition Size495
Price £135.99 Excluding VAT

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Paul Greenwood was inspired to paint The Sun-Worshippers during a weekend trip to Blackpool, where he observed at first hand the marvellous inconsistency of the British male on holiday. On what was a searing summer day, the lady of the party knitted placidly on, whilst one of the men stripped down to the bare essentials and the other sat wrapped suspiciously in his winter coat.

Each print is hand signed by the artist and hand numbered.

About the Artist

Paul Greenwood

Born in Bradford in 1969, Paul Greenwood is an entirely self-taught painter. He threw himself into drawing and painting from an early age, primarily on the grounds that it provided a means of escape from his impoverished background.

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