Memoire Des Roses II

Paul Seaton

TitleMemoire Des Roses II
ArtistPaul Seaton
Paper Size (W x H)16 x 20 ins
Edition Size495
Price £90.00 Excluding VAT

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After discovering the world of old-fashioned roses and the fin de siecle atmosphere they exude, Paul Seaton began to grow them himself and became intimately acquainted with what he describes as “such olde worlde delights as blackspot, powdery mildew and thorns through the thumb”. He found painting flowers of this kind, and other garden and cut flowers, “a fascinating challenge in that one is constrained to work from the arrangement at lightning speed in order to catch the flowers before they fade or otherwise misbehave”.

The roses depicted in this subject are 'Glamis Castle' (the white rose near the top), 'Sombreuil' (the white rose on the table top), 'The Prince' (the red roses) and 'Souvenir de la Malmaison' (the pink variety, named after the Empress Josephine's garden at Malmaison).

Commenting on this image, Paul Seaton says: “There is something about the beautifully intricate quartering of double roses that provides a real challenge - as here in the red/purple rose that nods toward the onlooker. Looking back on this painting, I am particularly pleased with the handling of this, and the cut glass vase. The geometry of the arrangement is also, I think, particularly happy, with that wayward leaf on the right hanging like an outstretched arm, relaxed & yet full of taut energy, and the buds on the left hanging as they were in conversation with the orphaned white rose on the tabletop. Also the cool pink of the larger bud on the table top to the right, with its small leaflets - no-one who has never attempted the task could guess at how soon these buds and flowers out of water sink to a sad oblivion! One must catch them 'on the fly' as it were, for in minutes they will be gone forever...”

About the Artist

Paul Seaton

Paul Seaton was conceived in Australia but born in 1953 in Birmingham. He grew up in Wales and along the south coast of England, following the career of his father, who was in the Royal Navy.

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