P J Crook

ArtistP J Crook
Paper Size (W x H)36 x 28 ins
Edition Size395
Price £210.00 Excluding VAT

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PJ Crook has exhibited in some of the greatest and most exciting cities in the world and Cigars was inspired by the huge contrasts which exist in each of these cities, not only in the terms of architecture and environment but also in the differing approaches to culture and personality. In particular, the life of the rich and the poor in each city is intensely different yet, in a strange way, each metropolis is dependent upon both elements, and upon all the levels in between, for the richness of its culture and lifeblood. Cigars are based particularly upon the artist's observations of New York which, above all cities, carries this sense of diversity to extremes.

Each print is hand signed by the artist and hand numbered.

About the Artist

P J Crook

P. J Crook is, categorically, a painter. However, her ability to integrate the space surrounding her subjects into the images themselves and her stunning decoration of the mounts and frames introduces a three-dimensional quality to her work, which is thus established as neither painting nor sculpture but an entirely unique combination of the two.

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