The Toy Boy

Paul Greenwood

TitleThe Toy Boy
ArtistPaul Greenwood
Paper Size (W x H)13 x 14 ins
Edition Size495
Price £115.00 Excluding VAT

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Paul Greenwood's work is characterised by its sense of fun, its use of vibrant colour and its spontaneity. The Toy Boy is based on the fun-loving mother of a friend from Paul Greenwood's childhood and its subject matter is typical of the spirit of the slightly saucy traditional seaside postcard which is prevalent in this artist’s work. Above all The Toy Boy typifies the sense of optimism which runs through Paul Greenwood's work like a seam. Despite the whimsicality of the subject matter and the rounded glasses, trainers and scooter of the eponymous hero, the sense of joy of the pillion passenger is utterly infectious. Note also the perky dachshund, which appears in almost every Paul Greenwood painting.

About the Artist

Paul Greenwood

Born in Bradford in 1969, Paul Greenwood is an entirely self-taught painter. He threw himself into drawing and painting from an early age, primarily on the grounds that it provided a means of escape from his impoverished background.

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